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If you don't like something, change it.
If you can't change it,
change the way you think about it.

- Maya Angelou

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Pancake is a short film by UBC film student Clara Salameh. Jessica is Penelope's alcoholic mother. At her 16th birthday party, Jessica shows up drunk and embarrasses Penelope in front of her friends' during her 16th birthday party.


Queen Jane & The Wizard

A depressed wife, a cheating husband, a man who has lost hope, and crazy in-laws. QJ is about two people navigating life’s challenges and show what can happen with a little empathy and compassion. QJ is a selection of the 2018 Cannes Short Film Festival Corner.

Queen Jane & The Wizard

It's About Love

 A feature film by Robert D. Duncan won the best cast award at Toronto Alternative Film Festival and is an official selection of the Hollywood Screenings Film Fest.

It's About Love

No Exit

"Hell is just other people.” Shelley took on the challenging role of Inez in Jean Paul Sartre’s existential play about 3 people spending eternity together. She embodied the maliciousness of Inez and gave the audience a lot of points to ponder about life with difficult relationships.

No Exit


Film & Television

Linda Rumney
The Actress Diaries
Lisa Kimberly Hughes
Honestly Charlotte
Butter Tart Prod./Joan Macbeth
Queen Jane & The Wizard
Blue Alto Pictures / Louise Deschamps
Endless Waltz
Zac Richardson
It's About Love
Fat Punk Prods / Robert D. Duncan
Single and Dating in Vancouver
Eagle Point Studios / Troy Mundle
Deathbed Regrets
Fat Punk Prods / Robert D. Duncan
Serving Time
SFU / Doralynn Mui
A Special Kind of Love
Fat Punk Prods / Robert D. Duncan
A Lonely Dream
VFS / Violet B. Modearessi
Scally Scarecrow
VAI/Jamieson de Guzman
Anarcho Films / Brock Pennie
Best Friends For Life
SFU / Brendan Prost
My Evil Sister
A&E / Yoram Astrakham


Lucky Charms
General Mills
Science World
Rethink Productions / Rob Tarry
United Way VO
Assembly Productions / Aaron Veale


No Exit
Reg Parks/Theatre In The Country
A Few Good Men
Reg Parks
Happy Birthday
Nate Drury


TriCities Film Studios - Lisa Durupt/Ellie Harvie
Railtown Actors Studio Film Intensive - John Cassini
Script Analysis - Kirsten Clarkson
Haven Studios Scene Study - Loretta Walsh
The Working Actor's Gym Scene Study - Aaron Craven
Improv Scene Study - Veena Sood
FitzMaurice Voice Intensive - Lori Triolo
The Working Actor's Gym Audition Class - Ingrid Torrance
Shoreline Actors Lab Scene Study - Frank Cassini
Jeb Beach and Associates Scene Study - Jeb Beach
TheatreSports Improv Classes Level 100, 200 - Alistair Cook
Film/TV Audition Class Level 1 & 2 - Henry Mah, Linda Darlow


Yoga, Ballet, Golf, Ice Skating, Downhill Skiing, Weights, Cycling, Bowling, Public Speaking, Jam-Maker, British Accent

About Shelley

Suburban, Not Desperate, Housewife 

As her second act in life began, and she was gently prodding her 3 children out of the nest, Shelley decided to pursue acting. As with every one of her other goals in life, Shelley researched her chosen path by immersing herself in everything acting. She continuously trains with the high caliber of acting coaches located in Vancouver, BC, and loves to collaborate with filmmakers in the vibrant independent film community.

Shelley enjoys her role as a wife and mother. She is a tad competitive, regularly slaying her husband in a good game of scrabble with words like amateur and simple. She loves her young adult kids, no question, but she wasted no time on empty nest syndrome. She was the tough, no-nonsense, supermom volunteer at all their school and extracurricular activities. Now, she is embracing the freedom and flexibility that comes from her kids having flown the coop.

When people ask what she does for a living, she replies, “I am a stay-at-home dog mom.” She loves her dog Charlie, an Irish Setter/Labradoodle cross, and can be seen hiking the off-leash dog areas with him daily.

When cancer came calling in her family, Shelley volunteered for Ovarian Cancer Canada – giving Knowledge is Power presentations about the signs and symptoms of the disease. She is loving, caring and compassionate to people going through a difficult period in their lives. She is well known for her tough, yet tender, approach.

Never one to miss an event, Shelley loves to meet up and network with her fellow actors at events such as The Cold Reading Series, Project Limelight’s Tuesday Night Live, and Raindance Booze n’ Shmooze for Independent Film. Shelley is also a proud member of Vancouver's Women in Film and Television Chapter.

This suburban, not desperate, housewife turned actress is writing her own second act, and wouldn't have it any other way.